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Ventilation Systems


Black mould on the walls, window reveals etc. of your property is often mistaken as a sign of damp coming into the home from the outside.  In fact, the cause of this mould is more likely to be condensation from cooking, showers, drying clothes inside etc.  Particularly, in the winter we have our windows and doors firmly shut to the cold outside, so the water molecules have no where to escape and therefore condense on the walls of your property which tend to be colder than the air.

This can result in mould forming, which can cause health problems for those who suffer from respiratory conditions such as Asthma.

To prevent the, and keep retain the warmth in the  house without opening windows, Happy Energy can install whole house ventilation systems which not only reduce moisture levels in the home but also remove airborne particles and reduce house dust mite levels.  A win all round.

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