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CEO ECO Update 12 December 2016

Eco extension update – Increased CERO target?

BEIS presented at the NIA conference last week and although they were tight lipped, they did give some clues as to some changes that may be seen when the consultation response is released.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing political upheaval, the response will not now be in December, and will instead be released in January.  The good news is that it looks like the predicted costs for delivering CERO, including the solid wall costs, have been reviewed and revised downwards.  This means that the CERO target can be set higher, potentially providing a much larger CO2 saving requirement and possibly also a larger solid wall insulation minima. This would be a shot in the arm for the industry with greater availability to CERO budgets which assist with delivering the harder to find HHCRO customer.

BEIS also indicated that there had been strong support for an extension of greater than 12 months to allow suppliers and the supply chain to implement the significant changes such as deemed scores, the shift in momentum to HHCRO customers and the limiting of mains gas qualifying boilers.  This hints at an extension of 18 months rather than 12 months which would create some longer-term stability before the new ECO rules through to 2022 are agreed.

The last hint was that the PM Theresa May was focussed on the Just About Managing group or Jams as they are now known.  Whilst unlikely, he did hint that you never know what may drop into the response at the last minute and Jams may be on the radar.  Personally, I can’t see that there is enough time to even quantify what a Jam is let alone get it into the legislation, but the good news is that if it does go ahead, everyone involved in the ECO supply chain will be eligible for the funding straight away as I think Just About Managing is an understatement :-).


Gas Qualifying boiler funding available, but don’t blink…

Yes, a blast from the past, we have a small allocation of gas qualifying boiler funding available for the next 4-6 weeks at 6.5p.  No pre-qualification process to follow and no retention, but we are only looking for nice clean jobs with robust boiler assessment checklists that are ready to go now and ideally replacing boilers that are less than 86% efficient.  If you are interested, please email us at confirming the value of orders you have ready to go and when they can be installed.  Budgets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


New 11p HHCRO and £19 CERO

We must be feeling the Christmas spirit because Happy Energy is re-introducing its bonus scheme.  Installers submitting over £500,000 LTS a month of HHCRO between now and the end of February 2017 will receive a 0.5p bonus taking our already generous rate of 10.5p up to a whopping 11p.  CERO installers who submit more than 2,000 tonnes of cavity wall insulation and loft top ups per month will receive a £1 per tonne bonus taking our rate of £18/t up to an effective rate of £19/t.  Better still, with no retention, you get to keep the full amount and don’t have to wait until the next millennium before definitely, maybe, possibly getting some of the retention back.  Bonuses are not applicable to virgin lofts, gas qualifying boilers or faster payment options and as a reminder, room-in-roof insulation can only be submitted for HHCRO customers.

For more information please email details of the budgets that you would like to secure for December, January and February and what works you are looking to install to


Storage heaters – what questions do you have?

I am just finalising some guidance and FAQs to try and create some clarity around the installation of storage heaters under HHCRO.  I think that I have covered off most things but if you have any burning questions or have come across situations that have flummoxed you, then please drop me a quick email and I will try and make sure that your questions get included in the guide.  Please submit your questions to using the email subject “Storage heater question”.


Welcome new Happy team members

We would like to welcome Sharon Dorrington to Happy Energy as our Heat Project Partnership Manager.  Some of you may have known Sharon from her days in the ECO team at EDF Energy?  Sharon is offering support to our existing Heat project local authority partners, is actively looking for new local authorities to partner up with and she can be contacted at

Also joining the team is Patrick Bradley as our new Safety, Health and Environment Manager.  Patrick will be on hand to support our network of installers offering advice and guidance to ensure that we are all working safely and that the customers are being protected.  If you are part of the Happy installer network and would like support with your own SHE please email

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