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CEO ECO Update 25-1-17

Storage Heaters – clear as mud?

If you are currently installing storage heaters through ECO, you need to be extremely careful. I have spent the last month or so producing a detailed set of questions and answers to provide clarity and just as with room in roof insulation, it has been a voyage of discovery and one which has led to some unexpected results. Also as with room in roof insulation, it looks like there could be a good chance that companies have set off believing that they are doing things correctly, who will soon discover that either the work is not eligible or has been scored incorrectly.

So what are the show stoppers when it comes to storage heaters:

Qualifying storage heaters, do they qualify?

If you are claiming storage heaters as “qualifying”, then at least 1 must be broken. There seems to be a misconception in parts of the supply chain that the storage heater only needs to have a responsiveness of 0.2 or less and then they can all be changed. Not true. If 1 storage heaters is broken, then all other storage heaters in the home can be replaced if they have a responsiveness of 0.2 or less, so the key point there is that 1 must be broken and an electrician must undertake appropriate tests to evidence the fault.

What type of storage heater can I install?

We are also hearing stories that companies are installing standard slimline storage heaters. Slimline storage heaters are not eligible as a qualifying storage heater and can’t even be claimed as non-qualifying. The only type of storage heaters that are eligible are the high heat retention, direct acting or fan assisted. These heaters all have an on-peak electrical feed as well as an off-peak feed, so you will typically need to run an additional feed to the heater if it only has an E7 feed.

How many heaters do I need to install?

This has been the biggest question mark since day 1. Some lead generation companies have sought out homes with just 1 storage heater and have claimed the full saving despite having only replaced the one heater. Other companies have installed storage heaters where none existed and without guidance, have not known how many they needed to put in to claim the full savings. Be warned! Ofgem require 100% of a measure to be installed and for storage heaters this means the home needs to be adequately heated, therefore, unless there is a valid reason for not doing so, you must undertake appropriate calculations to ensure that the number of heaters you install or replace leaves the home adequately heated. So it seems that just because the home only has one heater, doesn’t mean you can get away with only installing one new heater, unless of course it is a tiny 1 room bedsit and that heater is suitably sized to heat the whole home.

You can download the full guidance here which has been drafted in consultation with Ofgem, the BRE, accreditation bodies, some energy suppliers and TM organisations. Ofgem will be issuing their own official FAQ shortly.

In addition to the guidance, we have also produced 2 forms that can be freely used by installers, these are a non-qualifying storage heater checklist and a storage heater warranty. More details of these documents and a link to download can be found in the guidance.

ECO Funding available

If you are looking for CERO or HHCRO funding then you should be talking to Happy Energy. Our HHCRO rate of up to 11p and CERO rate of up to £19 is industry leading and with faster payment options now available, why would you look elsewhere? To find out more please contact with details of the type of measures you wish to install, the type of ECO funding requested and monthly volumes you can confidently deliver. Subject to meeting our required on-boarding and quality standards, you could be submitting within a matter of days.

ECO Consultation response. When you are ready.

Remember back in August when the sun was shining and the DECC Help to Heat consultation had just closed, leaving us quivering with anticipation for a quick response so we could all set out our stalls in good time for an April start? Well a few years have rolled past, DECC is now BEIS and the US has voted in a new, environmentally friendly president. But hold the phone! We think the consultation response is now due out as soon as this Friday! Thankfully this leaves us all ample time for Ofgem to consult on the guidance, energy companies to carefully absorb the new rules and then issue contracts and installers to prepare themselves for the new world of deemed scores. Poor old BEIS, not their fault, probably something to do with Article 50 which I am sure will invoked be bang on time in March?

Brokerage sales

The brokerage has seen a few lots being sold recently but not in any great numbers, at the last auction a HHCRO insulation lot was sold for 12p. With the rules changing in April, we would be surprised to see very much at all selling through the brokerage until the consultation response comes out and the targets and deemed scores are set in stone.

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