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Deemed Scores Good News

Finally for once I am the bearer of good news, no need to see my newsletter appear in your inbox with a sense of dread about how it will tell you that you need to reduce your room in roof savings by another 25%!

Firstly thanks to the NIA for a very interesting day today with talks from Neil Marshall, Peter Bonfield, Ofgem, the BBA and BEIS (now pronounced in the same was as “beige” but with a z).  At the event all sorts of exciting things were discussed but most exciting was Philippa Hulme’s from Ofgem’s bit.

Tomorrow Ofgem will be issuing the final deemed scores which as we know are still subject to the BEIS consultation response (come on we all know they will be used).  The very nice people at Ofgem who we all love dearly have listened to the industry and have made some changes which have increased a number of the scores.  The full changes will be announced tomorrow but will include the following:

  • Assumption that a room in roof starts with zero insulation and not around 100mm (hooray as Mark Twain said “the report of RIRI’s death was greatly exaggerated”)
  • 2 loft depths, <100mm and >100mm which will hopefully see a higher score for the <100mm
  • A lower efficiency of 81% instead of 83% as the starting point for boilers
  • Bigger scores for flats plus the addition of 2 and 3 exposed wall scores to differentiate between mid and end terrace flats and a new category for maisonettes
  • A special CWI score for the spay foam insulation.  Bet Isothane will be running around naked tomorrow?
  • A split between heating measures in solid wall and cavity wall properties
  • Additional EWI score for properties achieving a u-value of 0.3
  • Updated SPF for heat pumps and a split between ASHP and GSHP (Simon from Kensa heat pumps you can smile now!)

So tune in tomorrow for the much anticipated release of the new deemed scores which we hope this time will be published as a final ECO score rather than an annual score.  Last time I had to convert these I made a right pig’s ear of it.

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