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Response to ECO consultation

ECO Consultation Response April 2014

Happy Energy has today issued a response to the Government’s “Future of the Energy Company Obligation” consultation.

Key elements of Happy Energy’s response include:

  • A push to reduce or remove the 33% reduction to be applied to CERO which will have a devastating impact on the insulation industry over the coming 12 months
  • An alternative suggestion for applying the levelisation “uplift” mechanism which would see only the top 3 performing energy suppliers benefit (not all 6 suppliers) and for the uplift to be applied in 2015-17 rather than in 2014/15 to prevent a significant downturn in the insulation industry this year
  • Encouraging the Government to remove the “false” uplift methodology which currently scores a gas boiler based on the home as being heated by electric portable heaters. This anomaly has led to a tidal wave of boiler installations crashing the price of HHCRO and at the cost of homes which suffer the highest energy bills, namely homes in rural areas and which are not connected to mains gas. With the uplift removed all heating measures including boiler repairs will be able to compete on a level playing field
  • A move to allow ECO to be blended with the Green Deal Cash back

Read the full response here: Happy Energy ECO consultation response

NIA have issued this response from Chief Executive Neil Marshall: “… we believe that the cuts proposed by DECC are excessive and can be significantly scaled back which in turn would result in additional insulation activity. In analysing responses to the consultation and making decisions, DECC will take into account the number of responses received and answers given. The NIAs response will only be counted as 1 response and not 200 responses reflecting our number of individual members, therefore it is essential that as many NIA members as possible submit their own responses to the consultation. If you haven’t yet responded to the consultation I would urge you to do so this afternoon and to use our response as the basis for your own. If you do intend to respond then you should email your response to by close of play today.”

The full NIA Response can be read here: ECO_Consultation_Response_FINAL[2]

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2 responses to “ECO Consultation Response April 2014”

  1. It seems to me the government are putting more strain on industry, let the ropes go a bit a the gas trade will peak

  2. It seems to me the government are putting more strain on industry, let the ropes go a bit a the gas trade will peak

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