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Response to ECO consultation

ECO Consultation: Revised Guidance for Suppliers

Ofgem have submitted a document on how they propose to administer the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) in line with the Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation)(Amendment)(No.2) Order 2014.

According to Ofgem, the government is making a number of changes to ECO. The first set of changes relate to the current obligation period to March 2015 (termed ECO 1.2). These were laid in parliament on 22 July 2014 and are expected to come into force in autumn 2014. A second set of changes will apply from April 2015 to March 2017 (termed ECO 2) and are not part of this consultation.

Some of the legislative changes require some degree of discretion in the administration of those changes. These are the only legislative changes that Ofgem are consulting on. The document lays out the  planned changes and how these will be described in the ECO guidance for suppliers document version 1.2.


Click below to access the documents:

Energy Companies Obligation (ECO): Changes to the Guidance for Suppliers:


Annex 1:


Ofgem are asking for views across four sets of questions:

  • New CERO primary measures: minimum insulation levels to support a secondary measure
  • Connections to a district heating system: pre-conditions for the premises under CERO and CSCO
  • Compliance with building regulations: installation of a measure
  • General comments on our guidance (version 1.2)


The first two sets of questions relate to legislative changes. The third set cover the proposal to introduce new requirements for evidencing that installations comply with building regulations. The final set of questions is broader and relates generally to the draft guidance included as Annex 1 to this consultation.

Send your views on their proposals, whether you agree with them or not, by email or post to:

Name: ECO


ECO Consultation
9 Millbank


For further information please see the related Ofgem page.

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