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Energy Saving and Efficiency

Insulation in your loft and walls makes your home more energy efficient and helps to reduce your energy usage and your bills.

Energy saving and efficiency are the first things to look at when you want to reduce your energy consumption. You could be losing a lot of energy through your walls and roof if your home isn’t energy efficient. Think about Loft, Cavity Wall and External Wall Insulation and LED lightbulbs. Once installed theses could each save £100s off your energy bill each year. If you need advice, then call our friendly team, who will be able to talk you through your options and find out the suitability of your home for these measures.

Read about ways to control energy use in your home on our blog.

Free Loft Insulation

Is the money you are spending to heat your home filtering away through the roof?

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Free Room In Roof Insulation

Is the money you are spending to heat your home leaking away through the roof?

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Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Most homes built after 1935 will be constructed with a masonry cavity wall. Insulating the cavity can save you energy.

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Solid wall insulation

Around 35-45% of the heat in your home is lost through solid walls and insulating these properly could reduce your energy bills.

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LED bulbs and Lighting

LED lights offer low energy lighting, reducing lighting bills by up to 80%.

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Grants for Heating and Insulation Across the UK

Happy Energy Solutions Ltd is one of the UK’s leading heating and energy saving businesses. Our engineers can help you reduce your home energy bills by installing a wide range of grant funded heating, energy saving and renewable energy solutions.  We specialise in installing and upgrading heating and insulation where customers are eligible for grant funding, typically from energy suppliers.  To find out if you are eligible, see our grants page by clicking here

Our services include:


Here at Happy Energy Solutions, we can help you keep your home warmer by accessing Government grant initiatives. These grants include:

Free BoilerFree Loft Insulation  - Free Cavity Wall Insulation Heating Grant Eligibility Checks 

In some cases, subject to eligibility, these grants will cover the full cost of the works.

Heating Services

With so many ways to heat a property, at Happy Energy Solutions, we help you choose the best heating and boiler solution for your home – one that is efficient and perfect for your needs.

Whether you want a straight forward boiler upgrade, advice on the best heating solution for your home or a completely new heating system, Happy Energy Solutions can help.

We want our customers to understand how to keep their homes warm and cosy at a price they can afford. That is why you can call us for general energy advice too.

Our services include:

Central Heating system installation Boiler replacement and upgrades  - Wood burners and stoves

Renewable Energy

At Happy Energy Solutions, we are able to offer certain eligible households with a free or grant funded ground source heat pump upgrade.

Contact us to find out more.

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Whether you want a new oil, gas or LPG boiler, home insulation or a new renewable energy technology such as a ground source heat pump, Happy Energy Solutions on 0800 0 246 234 and find out how we can help.

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