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LED bulbs and Lighting

LED bulbs can save you up to 80% on your lighting electricity.

Our range of LED lighting and LED Bulbs comes with 2 or 3 year warranties. The life of the energy saving light bulbs could be as much as 50,000 hours or around 20 years if used for 6-7 hours a night.


  • Lower temperatures
  • Low maintenance so ideal for areas with high ceilings where access equipment is required to replace bulbs
  • A wide range of fittings – we can supply LED bulbs to fit most existing lighting systems
  • Better quality light
  • Dimmable options available
  • Range of lumen outputs to improve light levels and colour options for a bright or warm white light.

What is LED lighting?

LED lights offer low energy lighting for your home. The bulbs have a very long lifespan and are around 10 times cheaper than incandescent bulbs and about half the running costs of compact florescent bulbs.

How to get the right LED lightbulbs for you

You can buy your lightbulbs from our online store. We have range of common replacement bulbs such as halogen down lights, candle bulbs, outdoor spotlights and tube replacements.

Call us on 0800 0 246 234 for a no obligation consultation below to discover what will best suit your needs.

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How to get the right LED lightbulbs for you