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Is the money you are spending on heating your home, escaping through your roof?

As much as a third of the heat in your home is lost through your loft and roof but you could save up to 20% of the heated air in your home by installing efficient loft insulation for free.

These days, building regulations require loft insulation to be around 10-12 inches thick.  If your home was built before 1982 and has not subsequently received an insulation top up, then you should consider arranging a free insulation survey from Happy Energy.

*Grant Funding may be available for the works and the amount of grant and the cost of the works will vary depending on how much CO2 is saved by installing the upgrade.

*Typically loft insulation is free if your home has 2 inches (50mm) or less of existing insulation.  In order to confirm if the work is free we will carry out a free loft survey.  Grants are available for all homes but if you are in receipt of benefits you may be entitled to a higher grant, call us now for more information on 0800 0 246 234

 Room in roof insulation grants

Room in roof insulation

Happy Energy can also insulate properties where there are rooms in the roof by insulating in between the sloping ceilings and the tiles which we can usually do without disturbing the existing ceiling surface.

All homes are eligible for insulation grants but you may receive a higher grant if you are in receipt of benefits.  Call us now for more details.

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What is loft insulation?

Loft insulation is a thick, soft material that is rolled between the joists in your loft. This prevents the heat from escaping through your roof.

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