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ECO Funding For Installers

Happy Energy no longer offers ECO funding to installers

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We can help to give you a competitive advantage through maximum funding levels.

ECO funding is complicated, but Happy Energy will work with you on a one to one basis to ensure that you fully understand the paperwork and evidence collection requirements so that your claims for funding go through smoothly. This will minimise administration and speed up payment.

We will explain all about ECO and the rules regarding when works can be installed and in which areas.

Our ECO funding is offered on a £ per tonne basis for CERO and CSCO or a pence per £ of cost savings for HHCRO (see our page ‘About ECO’) for a further explanation about these acronyms).

In order to ascertain the funding level for a particular installation, you will first need to look up the Co2 or cost score from the deemed score spreadsheet available here.

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