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Landlord and HMO Heating Grants

Are you a landlord of a block of flats, a house in multiple occupation (HMO) or any other property which contains multiple dwellings?  Yes?  Happy Energy may be able to offer you grants to upgrade your existing heating or to install a new central heating system and the work could be completely free, even if not all of the tenants are in receipt of any benefits!  We can also offer grants to insulate the loft, cavities, flat roofs and under floors if they are accessible.

Properties which may be eligible for our free heating grants

  • House converted into bedsits and other houses in multiple occupations
  • Blocks of flats – purpose built or converted houses
  • Two or more houses which can run off of the same boiler

Grants for first time central heating and insulation are available for private rented properties that have an EPC rating of A-E, boiler upgrade grants are not available for  these properties.  Private rental properties with an EPC of F and G are not eligible for insulation upgrades apart from solid wall insulation, but they are eligible for boiler upgrades or first time central heating, only when the heating source is a renewable technology such as a ground source heat pump.

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