A retired couple living in a Park Home in Cornwall are now enjoying a free boiler and heating system thanks to Happy Energy and are absolutely delighted with the service they received from start to finish. From initial enquiry through to installation by the Happy heating engineers Sandra and Tony are looking feared to a winter without having to worry about pilot lights going out.
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Boiler Leaflet Success for Retired Park Home Couple

When a leaflet from Happy Energy landed on the front mat of Sandra and Tony Pannell’s Park Home in Helston, Cornwall, little did they realise it would signal the end of leaking water tanks, faulty back boilers and mornings spent trying to start the pilot light.

The leaflet was highlighting the fact that people on income related benefits such as Pension Tax Credits could be eligible for free LPG Gas and Oil Boiler Upgrades. But, like many people Sandra was initially sceptical about the possibility of getting ‘something for nothing’ and didn’t believe a new boiler could be provided and installed free of charge without there being a catch.

“We have worked hard all our lives and saved for everything, so when the Happy Energy letter arrived saying we might be entitled to a free boiler upgrade, I must admit I initially thought this is too good to be true – there must be a catch.

“So I decided to pick up the phone and have a chat with Happy Energy. That was the start of a really amazing experience. In just over a week from the first call, not only had it been confirmed we were eligible for the boiler upgrade; Happy Energy had come down and done a property survey; the installation date was booked; the engineers arrived, took out our old system and installed and commissioned a brand new boiler and heating system,” said Sandra.

“I couldn’t believe it – it was amazing. Everything was just so simple and handled for us. We’re still pinching ourselves that we can now turn on the tap and get hot water straight away, as there were some mornings, with our old system, where the pilot light had blown out and I would have to lie on the floor to try and relight it. The tank had also started leaking, so to have a new system like this is amazing,” said Sandra.

“Richard and Ike, who came down to install the new system, were an absolute pleasure to have around. They were friendly, extremely hard working and wouldn’t even stop for a cup of tea or to sit down to lunch. They took out the old system, fitted the new one and also took all of the old system away so we didn’t have to deal with it and left the place spotless.

“I cannot praise the Happy Energy team highly enough. From the very first call we made to the survey, booking the install from Richard and Ike – absolutely brilliant,” Sandra added.

Just before the Happy Energy leaflet had arrived at Sandra’s and Tony park home, the couple had been contacted by a call centre offering them a free boiler but didn’t say where they were from or what they were called.

Sandra asked for information to be posted to her but when it arrived, once again, there was no address details or real clear information about what was involved.

“I was pretty suspicious about it as they were very vague, unlike the information from Happy Energy.

“The fact Happy Energy were based in Cornwall, encouraged us to call to get more information and discuss any questions we had, was a big positive for us and you could tell from the first moment we called them, they were highly friendly, professional people.

“This is going to make a massive difference to us – particularly in Winter and I cannot recommend them highly enough,” said Sandra.

Adrian Wright, CEO of Happy Energy, said he was delighted the service provided has made such a difference to Sandra and Tony. He also warned elderly couples in the county, who are contacted by call centres cold calling and offering them boiler upgrades, to be cautious.

“To be able to make such a difference to Sandra and Tony, in terms of their heating, hot water and giving them a brand new, highly efficient system is great. We’re delighted they were as pleased with the outcome and process as we are,” said Adrian.

“These initiatives to replace old and inefficient boilers and electric storage heaters with new ones, through grants, are made available through Government Programmes such as the Help to Heat Scheme. However, there are some companies that are targeting homes and park homes in Cornwall – many from the North West and North East – who we are hearing are coming in, doing very substandard work and, in some cases, leaving the works unfinished – before hot footing it off, never to be seen again.

“Our advice is to throughly check out any company – who they are, where they are from, if they are qualified to do what they propose, before allowing them into your home. If they don’t answer your questions clearly, won’t tell you where they are from or leave you in any doubt, you may want to think twice, ” said Adrian.

Live in a Park home and are being contacted by firms offering free boilers or heating upgrades? Read our update on the IPHAS (Independent Park Home Advisory Service) website www.iphas.co.uk/usefulinfo.php or call the team on 0800 0246 234.

For more information on heating grants available for park home owners visit: visit www.happyenergy.co.uk/free-boiler-scheme/

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