Apply For a Grant!

Refer a friend and earn M&S vouchers!

We love spreading the word about Happy Energy and we would love you to recommend us to your friends and family in Devon and Cornwall so they can potentially receive free or subsidised works through our grant offers.  As a thank you, if they go ahead with works within 6 months, we will send you Marks and Spencer vouchers as below:

  • Loft or cavity wall insulation works – £20 of M&S vouchers
  • A replacement oil boiler – £100 of M&S vouchers
  • A gas or LPG boiler- £50 of M&S vouchers
  • A whole house storage heater upgrade – £50 of M&S vouchers
  • A stand alone heating control upgrade – £10 of M&S vouchers

Double up when having works completed!

If you are having works completed and are paying towards the cost of the works, you can opt to double up the refer a friend amount when your friend has the same works as you, and you can then request to take it as a discount from your own works.  So if you refer a friend who has an oil boiler installed and you are also having an oil boiler installed, you can double up the £100 referral fee and instead receive £200 off of the cost of the works you are having completed!  Please note that the deduction will only be made once both jobs have been completed and any financial contributions have been made.

Please ensure that you have your friend’s permission to send us their details and that they are aware of why we will be getting in touch.  Currently we can only take referrals in Devon and Cornwall.


*  M&S vouchers will only be provided where this website form has been completed in full and when the person who has been referred has had their works successfully completed by Happy Energy in Devon or Cornwall within 6 months of the date this form was submitted.  Where the same referral is received twice, we will provide the vouchers to the person who submitted the form at the earliest date.  Vouchers are not sent out automatically, you will need to contact us once you know your friend’s works are complete to request your vouchers.  Vouchers will be sent out within 30 days of your request being successfully verified by Happy Energy.  We reserve the right to vary or withdraw this offer at any time but will honour any valid voucher requests that were made before any change. You cannot refer yourself using this offer.