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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers typically burn wood pellets which are delivered in bags to your door. The heat they produce is then distributed to radiators in your home to provide heating and hot water.

Installing a biomass boiler will not only reduce your fuel bills but  you will receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which for domestic biomass systems will be paid for 7 years. Replacing an old electric heating system could save you up to £880 per year (Source: Energy Savings Trust).

Grants are available for heat pumps if you are in receipt of benefit, please call us on 0800 0 246 234 for more information.

Types of Biomass  Boilers

Wood Pellet Boiler

The most popular option, these burn small manufactured pellets. You would need to refill about 2-3 times a week and empty the ash once a week. Or you could opt for a large pellet store and have your pellets delivered by lorry.

Wood Pellet Stove

Great for small and medium sized homes, a wood pellet stove can provide heating and hot water with the added benefit of a glass fronted screen giving direct warmth. These provide heat to radiators and usually use an existing chimney or installed flue.

Wood Chip and Wood Log Boilers

These require a bit more intervention compared to a wood pellet boiler as they need more frequent feeding and ash emptying. Great if you have your own supply of wood fuel however.

How to get Biomass with Happy Energy?

1. Talk to us

Talk to us. Our advisors will help you with any questions you have about biomass and the installation process.

2. Arrange a visit

Arrange a visit from one of our experts so that we can provide you with an assessment and a quote.

3. Setup an install date

Finalise your install and book in an install date.

Let us help you

Why choose Happy Energy for your biomass boiler?

  • We can give you a large choice of biomass boiler options – a wood pellet range could make a great addition to your kitchen!
  • Our team are experts at biomass installations and will answer all your questions.
  • Our installers are MCS certified and we only use MCS approved parts.
  • We will ensure that you have all the right information to apply for your FiT payments, detailed warranties.
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Why choose Happy Energy for your biomass boiler?