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Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Solar PV

Installing Solar PV panels on your property will allow you to claim the government’s Feed-In Tariff and save you money on your energy bills. The electricity you generate is used in your property when you need it. If you don’t use all the electricity you generate or generate electricity when you aren’t at home, the excess will be sold back into the grid. You will still be able to use electricity from the grid when you need it.

Although Solar requires light it still works in cloudy conditions, so is ideal for the UK climate!!

Battery Storage is Here – Happy Energy are able to supply and retro-fit to existing Solar PV Installations an inverter unit, an innovative product which will make installing energy storage systems easy and cost-effective.

With Feed-in Tariffs having been significantly reduced for Solar PV recently and electricity prices possibly set to rise, on-grid inverters alone are becoming less viable with the need for self-consumption increasing. The self-consumption ratio of an on-grid inverter is only 20%, which means that 80% of your electricity is fed back to the grid. Therefore, as a consumer, you are potentially having to buy back from the grid up to 80% of the electricity you have exported.

Solar Thermal

With solar thermal panels on your roof you will be able to generate hot water all year round and will only really need to switch on your boiler in the middle of winter. What’s more you will be able to claim Renewable Heat Incentive payments from the government.

You will need about 5 sq metres of roof space for your solar thermal.

How to get solar from Happy Energy

1. Talk to us

Our advisors will help you determine the type and size of solar panels  and explain what to expect from performance of the system 

2. Arrange a visit

Arrange a visit from one of our experts so that we can provide you with an assessment and a quote.

3. Set a date

Finalise your install and book in an install date.

Why choose Happy Energy for your solar needs?

  • Our team are experts in solar installations and will answer all your questions.
  • Our installers are MCS certified and we only use MCS approved parts.
  • We will ensure that you have all the right information to apply for your FiT payments, detailed warranties.
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Why choose Happy Energy for your solar needs?