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Warm Winter Ahead for Perranporth Family

A Perranporth family living in a 200-year-old detached Cottage are looking forward to a warm and cosy winter after having a new oil boiler fitted by local heating and energy experts Happy Energy.

Since purchasing their property 4 years ago Sally and Matt Timms have been regularly bombarded with leaflets and phone calls from company’s offering them boiler and heating upgrades.

But preferring to deal with people face to face, Sally was walking down Perranporth High Street when she saw the Happy Energy Advice Centre open and decided to go in.

“When we moved into the property we inherited a 20-year-old boiler which really wasn’t very efficient.

“From the point at which we moved in we were also bombarded with leaflets and cold calls from companies offering replacement boilers which had sowed the idea of us getting a new one,” said Sally.

‘But it was when I saw the Happy Energy Advice Centre when I was in Perranporth, that I decided to go in and have a chat with them about what was available and what was involved as I actually prefer to speak to people face to face.

“In the space of a month we had had the property surveyed and assessed, had had a phone call to say we were eligible for the new boiler and had it fully installed and working. It really was very simple and straightforward; the Happy Energy team came in, took out the old system and fitted the new boiler.

“What’s more we had the added confidence of knowing that we were working with a local firm just down the road rather than a company cold calling us on the phone from who knows where,” said Sally.

Happy Energy CEO Adrian Wright is delighted that the Energy Advice Centre has been able to help Sally and her family get the new boiler.

“Whilst many people are happier going online or phoning to find out about heating and boiler options and grants, we recognise that for many people actually sitting down in front of someone and talking through options and details face to face are preferable.

“This is where our Perranporth Energy Advice Centre is a great option and we are delighted Sally and her family now have a new boiler and have been so pleased with the whole process,” said Adrian.

“Cornwall really is being bombarded by companies, in many cases companies that are hundreds of miles away who want to target the high numbers of homes off the mains gas network in Cornwall. Unfortunately they seem more interested in grant funding eligibility first and not necessarily committed to looking after their customers,” added Adrian.

You can find the Happy Energy Advice Centre in Perranporth at the bottom of Liskey Hill by the Zebra Crossing. It is open 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. Alternatively, you can call the Happy Energy team on 0800 0246 234 or visit here and see the types of grants available for households

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